Laser Hair Regrowth

$150 30 minutes

Laser therapy is intended not just for people who are losing and who have lost their hair. It can be also applied for a timely hair loss prevention.

Best Value

Scar Revisions

$300 30 minutes

There are numerous non-surgical methods that are applied for scar removal, including injectable fillers to fill concave scars, ultraviolet light therapy, and lasers.

Eyebrow Restoration

$750 60 minutes

The eyebrow is a front and center part for human facial symmetry and it contributes a lot to the overall aesthetic appearance of both men and women.

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Service Cost: $99.00

Duration:  1h 20m

What our patients say

I’ve always been afraid of what an effect aging will have on my hair… Eventually, starting at the age of 35 I began to lose my hair on the forehead…Now I feel myself young again, all thanks to this clinic’s budget prices and an awesome quality!

David Cameron

Since I’ve retired, my balding process became a real grievance for me (as a 60’s kid I’ve always used to have long hairdos)… But as soon as my friend recommended me this hair renewal clinic, I signed up for the treatment and after that I’ve never felt happier!

John Major

It’s true, that men do not take balding lightly… For me this was twice as true, as I began to lose head hair very early on, in my late 20s… I’m not sure how it would’ve end up, if it was not for this brilliant clinic’s Follicular Unit Extraction therapy! Thanks!

Benjamin Disraeli

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