Medical Team

Erick Birmingham

Clinic's Owner

Erick is the clinic's owner for a good reason, that stems into his own biography...

At a younger age (as now he's 73) he suffered from hair loss issues himself.

Timothy Wallbert

Senior specialist

Timothy is the co-founder and clinic's owner best friend, as the two of them graduated from the same Yale's class of 1967...

Timothy is one of the best hair transplantation specialists both on the West and East coasts of the US...

Jane Dixie

Junior specialist

Jane is the youngest specialist in our hair recovery clinic.

Immediately after graduating from the Harvard's med school, Jane Dixie became a professional eagerly hunted for...

Mary Warmonger

Junior specialist

Dr. Warmonger is our most friendly, patient-centric specialists.

But despite her soft approach while dealing with patients, when it comes to hair loss issues and their treatment, she becomes as determined as a 2nd class sailor in a battle...